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What is intermittent fasting and why should you try it?


One of the biggest challenges facing mankind in the developed world is the access to too much food which has a wide range of different health repercussions associated with it according to the greenrunnerbean’s eat stop eat review.

There are many different fad diets out there that may promise a reduction in the overall weight that a person has but one of the more interesting diet options involves the idea of intermittent fasting.

What is intermittent fasting?

When a person does intermittent fasting they go a prolonged period without eating any food what so ever. The process of intermittent fasting has the impact of pushing your body into a temporary state of ketosis which allows your body to use up the built up calories that it has in storage in the form of fat. As a result, intermittent fasting does a quality job in helping to burn off the fat that your body has stored and becomes an effective dietary measure. Better yet, you are able to still consume the same amount of calories but on a different time schedule with your body processing the calories on a tighter time frame.

Other Benefits that are associated with intermittent fasting

One of the other benefits of intermittent fasting is that most of the hours where you are fasting, which is typically a period of 8 to 12 hours per day, are hours where you are less active and often include those sleeping hours during the day. While many diets take into consideration the hours when you are eating and not with warnings that you shouldn’t eat right before you go to sleep, the concept of intermittent fasting takes this to a whole new level by pushing you to avoid eating for hours before and after you wake up, until you arrive at your next meal. This helps to train your body to be hungry and to dive into the fat reserves that your body has before being hungry again and reducing the overall amount that you eat as a result. In other words, with intermittent fasting you don’t become hungry because you are missing a routine and your brain is triggering hunger, your body is actually hungry.

Why intermittent fasting is good in the morning

When you wake up hungry and go to work without breakfast, your body becomes naturally alert and ready to tackle the days problems. Hunger is a big stimulant, more effective than coffee and something that makes you alert and active, even when your body is not ready to tackle the early morning.

By using intermittent fasting you are able to dive deep into our evolutionary processes and gain something that helps to jolt the body forward diet-wise and help to reduce your food intake leaving to a healthier and trimmer you.

Medical Spas and the First Visit


Medical spas combine medical clinics with day spas. Medical spas must be run by a professional in the medical field. Medical spas specialize in skin rejuvenation and other treatments that include laser hair removal, chemical peels, photofacials, and microdermabraision. The medical spa gives patients a more youthful appearance. Medical spas can help treat fine the lines and wrinkles customers have. Medical spas differ from traditional spas because they do not offer salt water pools, jacuzzis, steam rooms, or showers. The medical spas include soft music and refreshments.

It is important to find out if a doctor owns the medical spa. There are some doctors who just lend their names to medical spas but are never present. If a spa is legal, a doctor will always oversee the procedures. Because medical technology is always changing, you must make certain that the equipment is the latest and painless. It is important to check with your primary care physician before you try medical spas. Not all the medical procedures are for everyone and can be dangerous. Find out if medical spa treatment is right for you.

Patients need to do their research to make sure that trained and qualified professionals are working the medical spas. Therapist must provide photos and examples of their work prior to your treatment. People are individuals when it comes to alternative skin treatment. Please find out the cost of the skin treatments and how many treatments you will need. Many of the laws regarding medical spas are determined by each individual state. For example, in the state of New Jersey a physician must be licensed, own the spa, and oversee the treatment. Many Medical spas, check out Ethos Spa, Skin and Laser Center, are decorated in themes like European or Rain Forest.

Medical spas are opening up all over the world. There might be one in your own neighborhood. Medical spas can be known as medispas or medspa. Concierge Medical Spa is the first mobile medical spa. Clients can get spa treatment without leaving home. The medical spa idea is a product of the 21st century.

People do not necessarily need to be seeking a more youthful appearance to use medical spas. Many dermatologists suggest that patients with acne breakouts try medical spas. Chemical peels and microdermabrasion can heal acne and acne scars.

For your safety, first time spa visitors must fill out a form about their allergies and medical history. The staff of the medical spa will want to know if you use tanning spas, how many days a week do you exercise, your health, and your medical history. Patients are under HiPPA that explains patient’s rights. The physician will interview you before getting any treatment. The physician will want to know about any treatments you had in the past month, what are the current products you are using and how often. Before going to the medical spas, leave your jewelry at home. Clients who recently used aspirin need to wait to postpone injections because aspirin can thin blood. Patients using Retinol A need to hold off on chemical peels.

When do you need a spine surgeon?


You may go through much of your life without having problems with your spine. When you do, however, it can affect your whole life. Especially as, with a spine problem, it can affect your ability to walk, sit down or even to sleep with any comfort.

That is why people with spine problems will often eventually go to a spine surgeon for help (see Joshua S. Rovner, MD – Progressive Spine & Orthopaedics). After all, if treatment from a spine surgeon or spine surgery can improve your ability to function in a normal way, this type of doctor should be one of the first people you see.

What exactly does a spine surgeon do? — Before you visit a spine surgeon, you will probably want to know what one does. That way you will know about possible procedures before you even visit one.

A typical spine surgeon is medically trained and experienced to diagnose and then treat all kinds of spinal problems. These can be anything from a spinal disorder due to an illness or an accident to a catastrophic injury causing you problems walking, sitting and lying down.

Spine surgeons treat everything from a simple fracture of the spine to scoliosis, sports injuries, neck injuries like whiplash and even disc problems, infections and tumors.

Some surgeons specialize in one specific type of injury, while others are able to deal with any spinal problem presented to them.

What happens when you first visit a spine surgeon? — Your first visit will usually start with an examination, followed by a consultation where you can explain to the surgeon where your problems are manifesting.

During your consultation, you should also tell the surgeon if you have had any treatment for your problem already, if you take any medications and if you have ever had any spinal surgery before. This will usually give him enough information to make an initial diagnosis.

A reputable surgeon will then usually suggest therapies like pain medication and physical therapy for many months before surgery is even suggested. That way you and the surgeon have ample time to find out if a non-invasive treatment could work as well as an invasive one. If these recommendations do not have a positive effect, it is only then that spine surgery will be considered.

An MRI and a CAT scan — During your initial visit to a surgeon, you may also be asked to have an MRI or a CAT scan so that the surgeon can get enough information about your spinal problems to diagnose them better.

This will usually take place a few days to a few weeks after your initial consultation. You will then usually be asked to return to see the surgeon so the results can be discussed, and treatment can be recommended based on what the scans discovered.

If you are not asked to have an MRI or a CAT scan, and your spinal problems continue to occur, it may be necessary for you to ask the surgeon if this type of test should be the next step.

Which benefits of vaping eliquids versus smoking cigarettes are you likely to enjoy?


Anyone who smokes cigarettes and has not yet switched to vaping eliquids instead may be a little ignorant as to the benefits they may get from doing so.


In fact, there are many reasons so many people have now switched from cigarettes to vaping eliquids. Reasons they find to be far more beneficial to their lives than they ever had when smoking cigarettes.

No longer a social pariah — The biggest reason former smokers often give for being happy they no longer smoke cigarettes is that they no longer feel like a social pariah.


With so many places now banning smokers, or asking smokers to go outside, smoking is not as pleasant as it used to be. With so many people quitting smoking as well, smokers can often find themselves in a group of people and be the only smoker.


This makes them feel like a social pariah, especially when they have to leave the group to go outside for a cigarette.


Switch to vaping eliquids, however, and suddenly you are no longer the outcast you have been for much of your adult life.


Able to breathe better — Within a few weeks of vaping eliquids instead of smoking cigarettes, many people say they suddenly notice how much easier it is to take deep breathes.


This also translates to being able to walk faster, to run and to be able to climb stairs.


Vaping eliquids does not have the same negative effect on your lung capacity as does smoking cigarettes. Consider that if you are considering quitting smoking and moving to vaping eliquids instead.


You will save money — The cost of a bottle of eliquid is cheaper than a pack of cigarettes. Depending on the size of the bottle you buy, it can be much cheaper per smoke.


Former smokers that move on to vaping eliquids instead of cigarettes are often astounded at how much money they save over a typical year. So much so, some people are finally able to afford to go on that holiday they could not afford in the past.


Sweeter smelling clothes, hair and homes — People can usually tell when someone smokes as their clothes, hair, and breath do not smell very pleasant.


This strong smell of smoke and nicotine is usually able to be smelled in the home of a smoker as well. So much so, friends and family may not want to come and visit as your house smells so bad.


Once you quit smoking and move on to vaping eliquids instead, however, you may suddenly notice people willing to hang out in your home.


Others may enjoy spending more time with you over dinner, or may enjoy going on holiday with you now they do not have to put up with the nasty smell of smoke in your hair and clothes.


Smokers also pass on second-hand smoke to others and, as other people do not want to smell like you, they will often stay away from you. That will no longer be the case when you are vaping eliquids instead.

4 Reasons Why a Plastic Surgeon Needs to Deploy an SEO Strategy as a Big Part of Their Digital Marketing Promotions


Businesses all over the globe have an opportunity to use the Internet to promote and operate their operations online. However, before these professionals get started with the things that they want to do, they will need to count up the cost to see if the campaigns that they choose will not only be good for the business but will also provide great benefits overall. Particularly, when an SEO campaign can push a plastic surgeon’s operations to the next level in the medical field. Having said this, here are 5 reasons why a plastic surgeon needs an SEO marketing strategy to build up their digital marketing campaign. You can find out more on PracticeBloom’s SEO program for plastic surgeons.


  1. Pulls In the Highest Quality Traffic to the Site


If you are a plastic surgeon, you are looking to serve people who need the medical services that you offer. In some cases, the people that you attract with your digital marketing campaign may not be a good match at all. Instead, the target audience that you are actually searching for can lead to various kinds of associated problems with your marketing strategy. Fortunately, however, when your marketing team knows what it takes to implement an effective SEO marketing strategy, the plastic surgeon and their practice will begin to pull the highest quality traffic that can be reached. This is one of the primary reasons why the SEO marketing teams are presently a $65 billion dollar industry.



  1. Eliminates the Need for a Paid Ad Marketing


In addition to the higher quality traffic target audience, plastic surgeons and the practice can expect to earn more money each year. Typically, this is the case when the marketers create an SEO strategy that completely eliminates the need for any paid advertising. These techniques are also excellent for allowing these practices to invest their financial budgets into the more efficient area of their promotions.


  1. SEO Marketing Helps with Increasing the Plastic Surgeon’s Firm’s Brand Awareness


Due to the fact that there is a wide range of plastic surgeon firms in areas all over the country, it sometimes becomes difficult to determine which options are the best for that particular individual. Therefore, in order for one of these firms to distinguish themselves from one firm to the next, the brand that is chosen should be selected with great care. Fortunately, with an SEO marketing strategy to fill in the gaps for the people who want and need this kind of medical treatment, a firm can use these campaigns to begin to build a specific image that their clients can actually expect and respect.



  1. SEO is Known for Its Measurability


If you are looking to implement a marketing strategy that will pay for itself over and over again, you need to find a strategy that can be measured. This is one of the primary reasons why many of the plastic surgeon firms prefer to implore these strategies. In fact, based on research, SEO campaigns are actually preferred to others because the results can be measured.

5 Reasons Why regular health checkups are so important


Individuals are well-advised to visit a health professional for a checkup (e.g. hälsokontroll) regularly. Despite this generally well-known advice, many people simply do not adhere to it and avoid their regular health checkups. This is a mistake and often has potential repercussions for the health of an individual. Here are five reasons why regular health checkups are important.

Addressing Problems Early

The first reason why health checkups are important is that they help an individual to identify some health problems before they become major issues. Even major diseases like cancer that are spotted early have improved options for those who are looking to address the problems now versus those who detect problems later on. Finding major issues early is a significant benefit of having a regular health checkup.

The second reason to do a health checkup is to keep track of your vitals like blood pressure, cholesterol, and other key factors. Some people tend to have high cholesterol or blood pressure but do not have side effects of these problems. Others have low figures and a spike up to a normal level is a major red flag. Regular health checkups allow you to have a history for your vitals that can be used to signal major problems in the future.

The third benefit of health checkups is that they can allow you to measure and correct long-term issues like obesity and other health problems. Unless you are taking track of your health and weight than you may be overeating and not realizing it. A health checkup helps to identify issues and correct them.

Free and Discounts

Many insurance companies and health providers allow you to get free checkups and some offer gift cards and rewards for those who do. The benefit of this is financial for a user and health insurance companies benefit from lower insurance costs over your life from better health.

Finally, health insurance checkups allow you to get vaccinations and other treatments that can benefit you by allowing you to avoid illnesses that are easily avoidable.

3 smart reasons to get your teeth whitened


If you are considering getting your teeth whitened, here are three smart reasons why you may want to do that sooner than later.

After all, having white teeth can be important in some situations, especially when other people may judge you if you do not.

White teeth make you look wealthier and more successful — While you should never lie about your financial situation or your success in life, it does pay to have white teeth if you want other people to think you are doing well.

This is because having white teeth is often associated with having more money and being more successful.

If you are applying for a job, for university or for anything else where people may judge you on your appearance, getting your teeth whitened could definitely help.

Countering the effects of aging — As we age, our teeth often become yellow or discolored due to what we eat, drink or smoke.

Having your teeth whitened will not only counter the effects of aging, it will often help make you appear younger as well.

Preparation for a special occasion — If you are getting married, have an important anniversary, are helping a loved one celebrate a special occasion or are even going on holiday, having white teeth can make the whole occasion better.

After all, you probably want to look your best for the event. Especially if you will be surrounded by friends, family or other people you care about. Getting your teeth whitened can definitely help you do that.

Getting your teeth whitened nowadays is not an expensive proposition and there are also home solutions like Tandblekning. Neither does it take that long to do.

In fact, when you can have the whitest teeth you have had in your life for just a few hundred dollars, why would you not want to?

CBD Edibles and Health Perks


CBD and Wellness Matters

CBD or “cannabidiol” is a type of phytocannabinoid that’s been around since the beginning of the forties. Although it’s been around for decades and decades now, it’s been making a major splash all around the world in recent years. People have been linking CBD to all sorts of invaluable health advantages. If you want to boost your wellness substantially, then it may be time for you to find out all that you can about CBD edibles and how they operate.


Chronic Pain Assistance

Pain that’s chronic in nature is a massive burden for so many people. If you’re fed up with nonstop back pain, body pain or anything else, then trying CDB consumables may be the way to go for you. Routine CBD intake can significantly minimize pain levels in human beings. That’s due to the fact that CBD has the power to minimize inflammation. It has analgesic components as well. The substance’s analgesic components take charge of pain as a result of its nervous system interactions. CBD can aid people by decreasing bodily inflammation. It can decrease swelling and pain alike courtesy of its anti-inflammatory elements.


Mental Health

Mental health is just as important as anything else. If you’re frustrated by mental health troubles such as depression, then the assistance of CBD edibles may just go a long way. CBD is capable of taking charge of hormone release. There are various hormones that are capable of handling moods in human beings. Some of these are dopamine, serotonin and even cortisol. Decreased serotonin can make people feel low and down on themselves. Immoderate cortisol, on the other hand, can bring upon intense nervousness. People often think that CBD is capable of establishing hormone harmony. If you want to manage your emotions but wish to steer clear of aggressive medications simultaneously, then the assistance of CBD edibles may be right up your alley.


Neuroprotective Positive Factors

CBD may be able to impact the brain’s neurons. People often think that the substance is equipped with neuroprotective components. If a substance has these kinds of components, it can stop brain cell destruction from taking place. CBD could have the power to assist individuals who are dealing with dementia and cognitive troubles in general. It could have the power to aid individuals who are trying to handle severe injuries that involve their brains as well.


Few Side Effects

People frequently have concerns about things that can bring upon side effects, and understandably so. Coping with side effects can often be a major headache. Thankfully, CBD isn’t something that generally exposes people to many undesirable effects. If you consume CBD on a frequent basis, you don’t have to fret. People who rely on CBD in many situations do not encounter side effects that interfere with their existences. If you want to better your wellness situation, then you need to do all you can to enhance your CBD proficiency. CBD edibles like cbd gummies are indisputably on the rise as of late. People everywhere are finding out more about them.

Benefits of The Ketogenic Diet


Keto Diet

The keto diet is a medical diet that follows a strict guideline of having high-fat foods and extremely low carbohydrates. The keto diet was initially formed by nutritionists to treat some diseases like diabetes and epilepsy. The diet has however been adapted for other reasons because of its many health benefits. While on a keto diet one is required to consume foods such as cheese, butter, avocadoes, seafood, low-carb vegetables, eggs, coconut oils, and olive oil. There is no fruit intake on the keto diet because the majority of fruits contain a lot of sugars that are stored in the body as glucose. However, some fruits are allowed in minimal quantities.

Benefits of the keto diet

The main benefit of the keto diet is its health benefits. This diet is highly recommended for people that have diabetes because it ensures the blood sugar levels do not spike. A normal diet that contains carbs and proteins often causes an increase in the insulin levels which puts the patient at danger. Another proved benefit of the keto diet is losing weight. A lot of people have used the keto diet to lose weight – see the 14 Days Keto Challenge Review. This is because the diet switches the metabolism of the body from glucose (carbs) to fat. Which causes fat in the body to be burned and thus one loses weight. When a person eats a lot of carbs, the body does not burn all of it because it has surpassed the normal amount it requires to provide energy. The excess glucose is stored in the body as fat, and this is how a person begins gaining weight. Therefore, the more carbs one eats, the more fat the body stores.

On the keto diet, the carb intake is reduced significantly to 20 grams per day. This forces the body to look for an alternative source of energy. Naturally, it turns to fat first, and since one is taking a high-fat amount, the body begins to burn the fat. This state is known as ketosis, and one will only lose weight if they reach this state. The individual thus loses weight because the body burns the excess fats. Another benefit of the keto diet is that it helps in the reduction of acne. Eating a lot of sugar and carbs causes acne and absence of this improves one’s skin. In some studies, being on the ketogenic diet has helped in the reduction of cancer. It is also a suitable diet for people already diagnosed with cancer in treating it. This is because the keto diet causes oxidative stress on the cancer-causing cells.

Bottom line

The keto diet recommends the elimination of processed and refined carbs, but not all carbs are unhealthy. Carbs contained in vegetables such as potatoes and legumes are good for the body and also have their health benefits. Before getting on the keto diet, one should conduct due diligence and know what foods to take. One can also contact a professional for advice on how to go about the keto diet.

PhenQ – It Works? Kinda?


There are many people that have trouble losing weight. It seems, that no matter what they try to do, they still have a problem with getting into shape. Since they can become extremely frustrated about their situation, it can drastically affect their confidence level, making it difficult for them to go out and do the things that they need to do. If you are one of these types of people, you will want to know about PhenQ.

What Is PhenQ?

PhenQ is a natural Phentermine alternative. It will suppress your appetite, help to melt away fat and boost your energy levels. It is made by Wolfson Berg Ltd. You will find that it works to boost your metabolism, giving you a positive feeling about your body. This will give you a great outlook on your life in general and help you to get and stay in shape. For more info on PhenQ, just visit mairanutrition.com/weight-loss/diet-pills/phenq-reviews.

PhenW Will Build Your Confidence Levels

When you use PhenQ, you will have more confidence in yourself. You will want to get out in the world and do things that you didn’t want to when you had a problem with your weight. This can make a huge difference in your personal and business life. You will be able to face the challenges that you are up against in a better way when you are proud of the way that you look.

Stay Healthy

When you use the PhenQ to help you life weight, you want to make sure that you eat a healthy diet too. Exercise is also a part of staying in shape. You will want to incorporate both into your life right away. If you need help with these issues, you can hire a consultant to assist you. Once you are on a healthy diet and exercise plan, it will become a way of life for you. You will know that it will give you the rewards that you are looking for. Follow the instructions carefully when you are using PhenQ. Make sure that you visit your doctor when you need to in order to stay as healthy as possible. If you notice any adverse affects from taking PhenQ, make sure that you discuss this with your doctor as soon as you can. You will want to address these issues right away. Your doctor will be able to alleviate your fears while monitoring your use of the PhenQ.

Getting and staying in shape is important for your health and overall well being. You should do everything that you can to make sure that you have the confidence that you need to engage in your life in a positive way. Other people will notice how you carry yourself when you are proud of the way that you look. Make sure that you order your PhenQ as soon as you can, and you will be well in your way to achieving the healthy look that you are after. Make the changes that you need to now, and you can begin to see the positive rewards in a short period of time.

Tips on How to Buy the Best Wave Brush


Most of the times, women products have been in the frontline when it comes to beauty. Today men’s products are catching up, with a promise of changing their looks. From skin care products to hair shampoos, men are embracing the products slowly. For those that have accepted the change, they have gone further and embraced products like brushes which they use to curl their hairs.

In order for them to have the wavy hairs that they want, men have to look for the best brushes that will ogre well with their types of hair. Here are a few tips on how to get that brush that will leave your hair all wavy.

Types of Bristles

Bristles play a very vital role when it comes to waves (quick plug for : How to get waves). Hard bristles will not only scrap your scalp but also leave you without the waves that you were looking for. It is advisable to look for a brush that has soft bristles that will sooth your scalp besides creating great waves. An example of such a brush is the Torino Pro brush.

Brush Shape

It is always wise to use a brush that fits in your palm. A brush that is not bulky will always be easy to use and to go through your hair without much hassle. It is also easier to carry a brush that has a good shape as this ensures that your hair remains groomed throughout the day. Aesthetics is an important element to factor in when going for a something that you be using in a daily basis. Always make sure you are using a brush that makes you feel good.

Durability of the Brush

This is very important. When buying a wave brush, a person should always look at its life span. This is in terms of the materials used to make it. A good brush is supposed to last over a year. Always look for a brush that is made of boar hair instead of nylon.


It is obvious that most people have embraced the use of brushes. Therefore as you shop for a brush, always listen to the opinions of others. This is especially so for first time buyers who have no idea of where to start. The feedback of previous users will help you have an idea of what you are looking for in the market.

Genuine sellers

Another important thing to look at is the dealer. Many people are not in a position to differentiate between a genuine brush and a fake one. It is always wise to use modern technology to know who the genuine sellers of such vital items are.


Price is another thing that a person is supposed to look into. Whenever one decides to make a purchase of a certain item, it is always wise to have a rough idea about its price. This comes in handy when one tries to evade the frauds that would do anything to con you, especially if you are a first time buyer.

When do you need an EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card) and when do you not?


Any resident of an EU or EEA country, or someone that lives in Switzerland, has probably heard about the EHIC card (European Health Insurance Card). The card that allows them to get free healthcare whenever they travel out of their country of residence to another EU or EEA country.

Some people have the card automatically as part of the medical E-card EU and EEA countries and Switzerland give everyone that has health insurance. Some people do not, and have to apply for an EHIC card separately. It all depends on the country you live in, and the circumstances of your health insurance.

Read on to find out if you need an EHIC card and when you should get one or get a EHIC card renewal.

When do you need an EHIC (European Health Insurance Card)? — The EHIC is only needed if you travel outside your own country of residence, as it is the card that allows you accessible to free healthcare while you are traveling.

If you never leave your own country, you probably do not need an EHIC. If you plan on traveling anywhere within the EU, the EEA or in Switzerland, you do need an EHIC.

Do you already have an EHIC? — You may not realize it, but you may already have an EHIC.

That is because, in some countries, the EHIC is part of your usual medical e-card and can be found on the back of that.

In other countries, like Austria, however, you may not have the EHIC on your Ecard until you have had health insurance in that country for a year. In that case, you will need to apply for a new Ecard with the EHIC now on it.

Where can you apply for an EHIC? — There are usually three ways you can apply for the EHIC.

In some instances, the government of the country you reside in will have an online application form you can access. You can then apply online quickly and easily.

In other instances, you may want to use one of the online services offering help applying for the EHIC. If you go that route, a small fee will apply.

In yet other cases, you may be eligible for an EHIC but just may not have that information stamped on the back of your Ecard yet. In that event, you may need to go to the offices of your local health insurance authorities to apply for the extended Ecard with the EHIC information printed on it.

You can easily find out what your situation is by looking at the back of your medical Ecard. If the EHIC information is not printed on it, you need to apply for it. Contact your local health insurance authorities or ask for help in an online forum to find out more.

Just be sure, if you do plan on leaving your country of residence, you have an EHIC before you leave. That way you can get healthcare if something untoward should occur.