Why You Should Keep Your Weight on Check

Portrait of excited happy young fitness woman with measuring tape
Portrait of excited happy young fitness woman in black top and leggings with measuring tape over grey background

Weighing yourself every day may not benefit you in the short-term aspect, but measuring how your body weight changes can be advantageous in the long run. It is, therefore, important that you do not miss a single day of stepping on the weighing scale. Seriously, it doesn’t take a minute.

It can be your next habit. Remember when your parents used to remind you always to brush your teeth before going to bed? Looking at you now, you never miss a night! It’s the same for weight-checking, you just have to practice doing it every day- get up from your bed, go to your scale, hop on it and wait for the numbers to stop moving. Isn’t difficult at all.

It maintains awareness. Like a saying goes ‘, Measurement is the first step that leads to control and eventually to improvement.’ Regular weight-checking is one way to maintain your goals and keep track of your progress in the vanguard of your mind.

It surely works! A research review involved twelve studies, showing the effects of regular weight-checking to one’s weight and weight-loss progress. The researchers discovered that participants who kept their daily or weekly routine of checking their body weight conserved around 6.6-lb. weight-loss edge compared to entrants who didn’t. Another study showed candidates who regularly check their weight lose twice as more weight as those who didn’t. Though, researchers are still not sure what is the ideal frequency of checking your weight, but we do know that doing it every week is already at the bare minimum.

Many of you might argue that weighing scales is no skin off your nose. But the fact is, it DOES matter since it’s simple and not difficult to comprehend. Although, it isn’t a perfect gadget, and it doesn’t have the capacity to differentiate water from fat, from muscles, and etc. You can lose two jean sizes with the scale numbers still intact. This is the reason why you shouldn’t just depend on weighing scales alone. Instead of looking those daily weight numbers, you should keep track of your weight trends over the past two or more weeks. You can do this by simply graphing them. A spreadsheet will do, or you can find an app to simply do that for you. Anything that will make you comfortable and motivated to keep doing it, at the same time.