Practical Advice to Get Rid of Head Lice


The climate can be unpredictable at times. There are certain countries where extreme temperatures exist and following certain procedures can help. Getting lice is definitely uncomfortable especially during special occasions. You don’t want your friends and families to make fun of you. Lice can be very itchy on scalp and it is impossible to get rid of by using an ordinary shampoo.

If a person lives in a hotter temperature, the hair and scalp can be really exposed to sun’s rays. Health experts say that even dry scalp leaves the hair unhealthy and prone to damage. Some people consider shampooing as the remedy for the spread of lice. When lice lay eggs, it is important to know basic knowledge to stop the spread and prevent them from coming back. Is shampoo plus conditioner a good solution? Shampoos are great but some of them cannot be used to remove head lice from hair. Consider buying one that has a content to treat head lice. Hair conditioner can be used to make that shiny and soft. It is best to use it after shampooing.

When someone finds out that he or she has lice, bear in mind that it can be transferred from one hair to another. Prevention is always better than treating a person with it. Avoid using another person’s towel, comb and hats. Treating the scalp with a non-chemical based shampoo can help minimize risks. Stay away from extreme hot climates. Even tropical countries where sunlight is often seen must be avoided by a person with head lice, or someone who does not have it yet. To have a healthier hair and scalp, it is always recommended to massage the scalp when taking a bath. Properly rinsing it is highly applicable since there are situations when a person still has a residue, which can cause dandruff and dry hair.

Dirty scalp and hair can also be the main cause of head lice. It is not just common in locations where hotter temperatures exist. Getting rid of lice is not rocket science. In fact, many people are using chemical and non-chemical based shampoos to apply onto hair. Some are conscious of their health, so they chose lavender oil which repels lice when used. This type of oil stays on hair for a longer time and it is said to be effective. When using a lavender oil, it is recommended to use a lengthy towel which allows you to hold it while massaging your hair. Leave the towel on hair, make sure that it won’t fall. Wait for at least 40-45 minutes. Yes, the waiting time can be agonizing but you’ll thank yourself for it. Itchiness can be experienced while waiting for the lavender oil to penetrate the scalp.

The solution is to do this procedure for at least 5-10 days. Stay at home and avoid the sun. Repeat the steps. If additional assistance is needed, ask someone to do it for you. Once the steps are followed correctly, head lice won’t bother you anymore. It is highly advisable to consult a skin doctor if allergies or infections are visible.

Once you have gotten rid of the head lice, consider getting head lice repellent hair bands to avoid getting lice again.