What are the top 5 e-juices?


    Most people have come across terms like ‘e-juice’,’ vape-juice’ or ‘e-liquid’ but do not know what they mean. The terms mean the same things and are sometimes used interchangeably. In the recent past, personal vaporizers have been on the rise with e-juices taking a significant part in the vaping movement.

    E-juice is a fluid used in personal e-cigarettes and vaporizers to produce vapor. The fluid can either contain nicotine or free of nicotine depending on personal preference. The vaporizer or the e-cigarette coil heats the fluid at high temperatures to produce the vapor that is inhaled.

    Normally, the e-juice contains a mixture of water, flavoring, propylene glycol (PG)/vegetable glycerin (VG) and a choice of nicotine or zero nicotine. The PG or the VG helps to distribute the flavor evenly throughout the fluid. PG is used in the manufacture of various medicines and in vanilla extracts.

    Getting the best e-juice flavor is very hectic, especially one that is filled with natural flavors. A good e-juice flavor should be extracted from mouth-watering fruits, sweet desserts or cereals. Although taste is paramount when making a choice for the e-juice flavor, the blend of the flavor is also an important consideration. Below are five of the common e-juices in recent times and are considered to have the best e juice flavors.

    1. Halo High VG

    Halo High VG has been regarded as a huge brand in the short history of vaping. Interestingly, the brand has been updated with a new look and more flavors added. The company behind the Halo brand has carried on with the tradition of exceptional flavors in both the VG and the PG brand. However, the VG has been showing more practical applications than the PG type. The company offers over fourteen flavors of the VG type flavors in different sizes and nicotine content.

    2. Black Note

    Black Note brand has been regarded among the best-tasting tobacco e-juices. This is because the brand extracts the tobacco flavor from real tobacco leaves ensuring that the best taste is preserved. It is worthy to note that the Black Note brand is purely natural because it does not contain additional flavors, colors or any chemical additive.

    3. Varporfi e-liquid

    Although Varpofi brand is new in the vaping market, it is worth trying. The company has teamed up with cosmic fog to produce more flavors in their products. They extract their juice from food grade ingredients to offer the smooth and consistent taste and flavor. Recently they have introduced a 1.5mg nicotine level in their products which is best suited for RDA vaping.

    4. Naked 100

    It is difficult to find an e-juice company that keeps it real a hundred percent. However, Naked 100, despite a funny name, guarantees the best services and products in the market. Their flavors are subtle and clean which does not spoil coils. The products are either clear or light in color since they do not contain artificial sweeteners.

    5. Vapetasia

    Vapetasia is different from other products in the market due to a variety of tastes. Recently, the Killer Kustard has gained populace because of its richness in vanilla taste. There is also a whole line of lemonade flavors that offers the citrus taste.