Benefits of The Ketogenic Diet


Keto Diet

The keto diet is a medical diet that follows a strict guideline of having high-fat foods and extremely low carbohydrates. The keto diet was initially formed by nutritionists to treat some diseases like diabetes and epilepsy. The diet has however been adapted for other reasons because of its many health benefits. While on a keto diet one is required to consume foods such as cheese, butter, avocadoes, seafood, low-carb vegetables, eggs, coconut oils, and olive oil. There is no fruit intake on the keto diet because the majority of fruits contain a lot of sugars that are stored in the body as glucose. However, some fruits are allowed in minimal quantities.

Benefits of the keto diet

The main benefit of the keto diet is its health benefits. This diet is highly recommended for people that have diabetes because it ensures the blood sugar levels do not spike. A normal diet that contains carbs and proteins often causes an increase in the insulin levels which puts the patient at danger. Another proved benefit of the keto diet is losing weight. A lot of people have used the keto diet to lose weight – see the 14 Days Keto Challenge Review. This is because the diet switches the metabolism of the body from glucose (carbs) to fat. Which causes fat in the body to be burned and thus one loses weight. When a person eats a lot of carbs, the body does not burn all of it because it has surpassed the normal amount it requires to provide energy. The excess glucose is stored in the body as fat, and this is how a person begins gaining weight. Therefore, the more carbs one eats, the more fat the body stores.

On the keto diet, the carb intake is reduced significantly to 20 grams per day. This forces the body to look for an alternative source of energy. Naturally, it turns to fat first, and since one is taking a high-fat amount, the body begins to burn the fat. This state is known as ketosis, and one will only lose weight if they reach this state. The individual thus loses weight because the body burns the excess fats. Another benefit of the keto diet is that it helps in the reduction of acne. Eating a lot of sugar and carbs causes acne and absence of this improves one’s skin. In some studies, being on the ketogenic diet has helped in the reduction of cancer. It is also a suitable diet for people already diagnosed with cancer in treating it. This is because the keto diet causes oxidative stress on the cancer-causing cells.

Bottom line

The keto diet recommends the elimination of processed and refined carbs, but not all carbs are unhealthy. Carbs contained in vegetables such as potatoes and legumes are good for the body and also have their health benefits. Before getting on the keto diet, one should conduct due diligence and know what foods to take. One can also contact a professional for advice on how to go about the keto diet.