A Guide To Breast Augmentation


Breast Augmentation is a surgical procedure for the enhancement and reconstruction of the female breast. It is designed to either replace or enhance the breast area, allowing it to be fuller and rounder. Many women use the procedure cosmetically to enhance their physical appearance. Although the Breast Augmentation Austin market is used mostly for this purpose, many women use breast augmentation on a medical basis. It can be used as a reconstructive surgery after the performance of a mastectomy. Women suffering from breast cancer use breast augmentation to replace the area mastectomies remove. The definition of breast augmentation covers many facets. It covers the procedure itself, the purpose behind said procedure, as well as the implant used, and the actual surgery that is performed.


No matter purpose, clinical or cosmetic, breast augmentation uses implants. Implantation is a key part of the process. Breast implants are mostly made out of silicone. There are two types: Saline and Silicone. Saline implants are made out of silicone but are filled with salt water. These can be filled during the actual operation, or pre-filled before surgery takes place. Silicone implants are a silicone shell pumped full of plastic gel. They come in a variety of sizes as women use them for different purposes. Silicone implants are rumored to have a more natural feel, but saline are a little safer in that they do not leak.

Variation of Uses

Although there are two primary uses, reconstruction or cosmetic, the latter of the two has its own sub-uses that vary depending on the preference of the female. Many women are looking to enhance the shape of their breasts, make them a little rounder or fuller. Other women seek to enlarge the size of their breasts. The main goal is to achieve an enhanced look that seems natural. This is why it is important to get a plastic surgeon who is very dependable and good. It is recommended by many to find surgeons with experience, at least five years, who know what they are doing. The risks are not just health related, but also have to do with appearance.


Breast augmentation cannot be done until the subject is at least 22 years old. Breasts continue to develop in the female until after their 20’s, and such operations cannot be performed while the area is still forming. The procedure can either occur in the hospital or as an outpatient operation and usually takes about two hours. After anesthesia the surgeon makes cuts either under the breasts, the arms, or the nipple itself. This depends on the type of surgery being performed. Breast implants are inserted into the area right below the chest muscle. Once the insertion is performed the surgeon closes up the cuts with either sutures or medical tape. In the case of reconstruction the breast is either rebuilt with implants or autologous tissue. The operations can occur right after surgery or weeks after. Nipples can either be fully replaced, or kept during surgery and reattached.