E-cigs versus Cigarettes Health Factor


There is no doubt or question that cigarettes are not healthy for you. The level of tobacco and nicotine make cigarettes a very unhealthy life style choice for anybody. But what about E-cigs? Are they are safer choice for the modern day smokers? Are there e-cig ejuices and eliquids that are safe? The answer to that is actually yes. There are several brands of ejuice and eliquid that are in fact, a safer choice than regular tobacco cigarettes. You can literally find them in dozens of brands and flavors. Here are the top more healthy ecigs.

The first in the lineup is the Xion Vapor Mod. Built for nicotine and non-nicotine items, this is not only a safer alternative to a cigarette, but it lasts longer and has a slower “burning” mod. This makes it easy to inhale less ejuice at once and also saves you money by lasting longer. People who have tried this ecig say it is perfect for all types of vapers. You can find a coupon code for the Xion online and save yourself even more money.

The next up for most healthy ecig is the Halo reactor mod. I is ideal for the beginning vapor, and really easy to use. Those features are in addition to it being able to provide nicotine free ejuice. The customer service and quality make it the most desired ecig around. Pair it up with an organic, nicotine free ejuice and that about as healthy as it gets. There are a lot of coupon codes to save money when purchasing a Halo set as well, so before clicking the buy it now button, check around.

In third place for most healthy, and for many other reasons such as the ease of use and accuracy, the Smok Procolor 225W Mod, comes in various colors, just like the name describes. So whether you opt for blue or pink, you can choose a healthy ejuice to use with your new Smok Procolor. While the coupons and deals are limited they are out there and you can pick up any of these e-cigs for around the same price as each other when pairing the coupon codes online. When opting for a healthy alternative to smoking traditional cigarettes, always choose a low nicotine or no nicotine ejuice. The organic brands will run you a little more money, but obviously being organic would be the overall healthiest option. If organic is not in the budget, finding a cheaper no nicotine flavor would be the next best option. There are literally dozens of flavors that are nicotine free, and unlike regular cigarettes, e-cigs never contain tar, which stick to your lungs causing lung cancer, or at the very least, trouble breathing and asthma.

Sticking to an e-cig that offers various levels of vaping is also healthier and all three options presented about have that feature. You are in control of the amount of ejuice, and nicotine you put in your body, and again, with no tar. That makes e-cigs a much healthier choice.